Look Into How OPPO Design Philosophy Makes It the Top Favorite Smartphone Brand in Malaysia’s Market

OPPO has always committed to making innovative technology and design so that the user can have comprehensive experience with their products. OPPO proudly to be one of the first brands to offers a full viewing display that every user dreamed of.

“All OPPO’s products should be exquisitely designed artworks with styles.” has been deeply rooted in the DNA of OPPO phones. In OPPO, aesthetics always comes first. This concept translates to OPPO design language and makes people recognize it’s a product made by OPPO.  OPPO have been paying close attention to our user’s needs. Every decision OPPO made is based on OPPO thorough market research to make sure OPPO creating product of what their consumers really wants.”

Core Design Language Derived from ‘Classic of Changes’:

There are few OPPO Design DNA that made OPPO standout than the others. OPPO’s design philosophy is derived from the ancient Chinese philosophy, “Classic of Changes”,

In English it translates to “The essence comes from searching for the unchangeable from constant changes. Finding the extraordinary comes from ordinary”

This concept translates to the design language and makes people recognize it’s a product made by OPPO. OPPO also sets the bar for smartphone design by having 4 pillars design language;

1. Central Axis

Central Axis is one of the icon languages that included on all OPPO design. You may see how the design follows the art of balanced beauty. From OPPO F11 Pro, OPPO specifically align rear camera, flashlight, fingerprint sensor and the text ‘Designed by OPPO’ on the same axis, as inspired by some of the famous architecture in the world. You can see that in Reno as well.

For example, the OPPO Reno, the text of “Design by OPPO” is align with the rear camera alongside O-Dot. This central axis design is inspired by some of the infamous architecture like the Louvre in France and the Taj Mahal in India.

Not to forget mentioning the O-dot. OPPO have been reiterating that in OPPO. OPPO treat smartphone like artworks, and also give it a functional purpose. This O-dot is indeed a functional design to protect the camera lens from scratches, by creating an empty space between the camera lens and the surface you put smartphone on.

2. Gradient Colour

OPPO is expert in colour where users could easily recognize OPPO design. It has partial monochrome gradients, to overall body gradients, from double to triple gradient colours in F11 Series; and today’s Reno, that show OPPO is leading the gradient trend in the industry. OPPO derives the color inspiration from the nature.

For example, Ocean Green of Reno is a light mixed with dark green water color, as if you were gazing toward the surface while scuba diving in the sea.

And another example I’d like to share is the Waterfall Gray in F11 Pro, which inspired by the majestic waterfall. It added sparkles and play with the color of purple, white and hint of grey to give it a more premium feel.

Also, the latest addition, Reno Sunset Rose that inspired from Sunset with white roses and seashell. OPPO also uses Matte surface for more delicate touch without turning into “fingerprint smudge magnet”

3. G3 Curved:

All the OPPO smartphone design is well crafted for a more comfortable handgrip. In the Reno-series, it displays a unified design in the dynamic and static balance at the same time delivered the most natural grip with zero burden. On the back you will noticed the sleek body design is flushed without any camera bump that give a unique experience for the user.

4. Borderless Design:

4.1 Borderless Design in Hardware

There used to be many phones with the design of small notches, small cut-out at the top of the screen. OPPO comes to their mind that they wanted to make a full screen phones and became one of the first smartphone brand to introduce the idea of a full screen.

This was realised when OPPO introduced the Find X in 2018 that offers panoramic full screen with the highest 93.8% screen-to-body-ratio and the more reachable OPPO F11 Pro as well as their latest line-up, OPPO Reno series. Up-to-date, OPPO has amassed 450 patents on panoramic screen technology alone.

For Reno 10x Zoom, it features a 6.6-inch notch-less panoramic screen. We’ve pushed our boundaries to come up with the ultra-slim bezel. You will literally feel as if the screen is floating off the body of the phone, resulting in a 93.1% screen-to-body ratio, with no ports and no interference. OPPO not only offers a unique exterior design but they also narrowed down both size of the bezels as thin as 1.63mm and 3.5mm on the chin bezel.

OPPO has furthered it vision from “Waterdrop” to “Pop-up”, “Pivot Rising” and most talk about, the Under Screen Camera (USC) for a true full-screen experience which showcased in MWC Shanghai 2019 recently.

4.2 Borderless Design in Software

In software, it must be the ColorOS 6.0 the system that is customized based on Android 9.0 and elevated style of design is totally satisfying. If you think the performance of the previous ColorOS system was nothing more than ordinary with an indescribable design, the new ColorOS 6 has gone through a makeover from the notification bar to the setting options. The icons have been enlarged but enough margin is given in between. Besides, the style is further flattened for a refreshing and efficient look while the colour tone is light and elegant without scaling down the resolution. In short, the design of ColorOS 6 is truly impressive

All OPPO’s products should be exquisitely designed artworks with styles, from designing, to creating prototypes, to finally breath in a life with cutting-edge technologies, beauty always takes precedence over everything during the whole process. OPPO aspires to be the artist of smartphone industry that will bring more creative products to the young people, inspire everyone to explore further and envision a brighter future

To OPPO, the beauty of the smartphone is not restricted to appearance only, but also the feelings when it’s held, user’s experience, and user-friendly of the system. The “invisible” form of aesthetic is more important to OPPO. As a detailed artist, OPPO pays great attention to all the details on the phone including the transition of fingerprint unlock, the sound effect of the pivot rising camera can also be customized. Compared to other manufacturers who use “price point” as the main focus by putting all high-tech features together, OPPO does not only have high tech features, it takes coordination, feelings, design, customization, user-friendly OS into considerations, provides a “detailed oriented” user’s experience.

Due to OPPO’s determination to do the best in all aspects of mobile phones, it has also received a good response in the market. In addition to becoming the top five smartphone manufacturers in the world, OPPO also gained the second largest market share in Malaysia for four consecutive quarters, becoming the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in Malaysia. These proud achievements are not accidental. They are all the results of OPPO’s relentless efforts in pursuit of extreme beauty. Even so, OPPO will continue to pursue the possibilities of smartphone design in the future and continue to bring technology and aesthetic products to users.

Aesthetic is the top priority to OPPO. This concept has been translated as the design language of OPPO so that all products are highly recognizable. OPPO has been paying close attention to the user’s needs. Every decision made is based on thorough market research to ensure that the product created is what the consumers really want.

To OPPO, all products should be exquisitely designed artworks with styles. A smartphone is not merely a communication tool, it’s also an art piece to display personal statement.

In fact, OPPO F9 review was one of our top pages view and garnered over 220k views on our YouTube channel.

This year, OPPO has unveiled their latest F-series and a new Reno-series smartphone. The OPPO F11 Pro is a great mid-range smartphone contender and in addition, OPPO also collaborated with The Marvels Studio by released F11 Pro Marvel’s Avenger Limited Edition.

The OPPO Reno-series that was launched in May has caught our eye especially the Reno 10x Zoom. The intriguing new phone took the concept of the OPPO Find X and enhanced it all around. It has the flagship specs such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage.

OPPO also introduced state-of-the-art 10x Hybrid Zoom and first 60x Digital Zoom smartphone in market. On top of that, OPPO Reno has a unique pivot rising structure allowing the device to have over 93% screen-to-body ratio on the 6.53-inch AMOLED display.

To date, OPPO has over 4.4 millions OPPO users in Malaysia, this shows that OPPO is a fast growing brand that recognised and supported by the Malaysia consumers.

Disclaimer: Advertorial from OPPO Malaysia

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