[MWC Shangai 2019] OPPO Unveiled Under-Screen Camera and MeshTalk Technologies

Yesterday, OPPO unveiled its newest technology, Under-Screen Camera (USC) and MeshTalk at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019.

The Under-Screen Camera probably the most hype technology that everyone waiting for to have what a “Real Full Screen” experience. There are no notches or hole-punch on the display but you will still able to take photos, use face unlock and make video calls. This technology is possible with OPPO’s customized camera module that capable to capture more light; zoning control together with high transparent materials that enhance transmittance of light through the screen.

OPPO has new proprietary technology, MeshTalk. It’s a decentralized communication technology that enables the transmission of texts, voice messages and as well as real-time voice calls between OPPO’s devices within a range of 3km without the need of cellular networks, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

This technology allows multiple devices to create ad-hoc local area network, enabling group chat capabilities and expanding communication range via the signal relay. OPPO has customized the communication chipset to realize the advantages of lower power consumption while providing long distance.

On the event, OPPO also showcased the exploration 5G and IoT smart home application scenarios.OPP

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