Digi Now Offers 500Mbps & 1Gbps Internet Home Fibre

Digi is now offering more faster internet speeds for its Home Fibre Broadband. Initially, Digi is only offering either 50Mbps and 100Mbps and now it’s going up to 1Gbps.

The 500Mbps is offered at RM 159/month where the 1Gbps option is for RM 199/month, the upload speeds are capped at 200Mbps for both plans. All the plans including the 50Mbps/100Mbps get unlimited data quota and tied with a 24-months contract as you will be getting free router and installation.

In comparison, the Digi Home Fiber has the upper hand compared it to Maxis and on par with TIME. The challenging is the coverage/availability is limited at the moment. You may check the coverage HERE! Digi even offers 48 hours installation if your area in the coverage.

Good news for those in Sabah, Digi is offering just Sabah Special promotion where you will get up to RM 20 off when you sign up with the Home Fibre Plan along with a postpaid plan.

More info on Digi Home Fibre (Central) and Sabah

Via: Soyacincau

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