[REVIEW] Edifier GM3SE – PUBG Mobile Best Companion Gaming Earset

There are gaming earphones specifically for PC games, how about the blooming mobile games? Edifier has this GM3SE that designed for mobile gaming that required clear voice-chat communication. It’s a gaming earset that comes with a removable microphone on the left earbud.

Here’s a quick review in video format


From the video you can see, the Edifier GM3SE has serious packaging and accessories. It comes with multiple eartips and as well as wingtip for a more comfortable gaming session. It also comes with a TRRS to audio/mic splitter cable that means to works for PC too. They also being so thoughtful to have an “L” shape audio cable that will not block the way you hold your phone for gaming.


One word to describe the GM3SE, SOLID! The earbuds are pretty heavy and well built. It has a large 10mm tweeter and a 10mm bass unit driver that would give an impression it has vibrations when the bass kicked in.

It comes with two microphones, one is on the inline just like any other earphones and another removable microphone that can be bend/shape to reach to your mouth. This would able to pick up clear voice-chat when you communicate with your peers during gaming.

The inline controller uses a slider for volume and a button for play/pause/next.

Sound Quality

Although the Edifier GM3SE is targeted towards PUBG mobile games it also favourable to the audio enthusiast. The high-quality in-ears equipped with a pair of tweeter and bass unit driver gave an excellent audio output and vibration effect for an immersive experience regardless of gaming or music experience.

The removable microphone was able to pick up voice as clear as you are like using it on PC gaming. The microphone is able to position close to your mouth so it would reduce sound disruption from the surrounding.

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Edifier GM3SE PUBG Mobile Gaming Earset
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The Edifier GM3SE is a perfect gaming earset that you could keep it in your pocket just like your smartphone. It has an impressive sound clarity and solid bass, not forgetting crystal clear voice chat that you would appreciate for gaming. This earset doesn’t only limit to gaming, matter facts I quite enjoy listening to music and video streaming. For the price of RM 149, this is highly recommended for those who are looking for a solid bass wired earset.

Where To Purchase?
Edifier Official Store, Lazada Malaysia