Realme Launched New Visual Identity and Peripheral Products

Realme today announced its fully upgraded brand visual image and materials and release its brand-new peripheral products including sweaters, T-shirts and office supplies.

Top-Class Master Creates New Logo To Enhance Brand Recognition and Emotional Identity
In order to meet the global development needs of Realme and its vision of growing together with the new generation, Realme invited multiple ADC Gold Cube Awards-winner, Eddie Opara from top-class design studio Pentagram, to lead the overall Visual Identity upgrade.

As the world’s largest independently-owned design studio, Pentagram has set numerous records in facilitating different brands such as Tiffany, Microsoft and MasterCard, with their visual identity upgrade, and is continuously inspiring and innovating the visual culture globally.

Its chief designer Eddie Opara whose experience encompasses strategy, design and technology, came up with the “R” logo in “Realme Yellow”, showcasing the artistic and impactful representation of both the Realme brand identity and its vision of being Proud to be Young, which the brand hopes will become a symbol of youth culture around the world.

Realme’s new logo has adopted a more concise and universal letter shape, which was inspired by the observation of human being’s actions and behaviour when they are using smartphones, a combination of human-figure and the uppercase “R” from “Realme” also conveys one of the brand’s design concept as being people-oriented.

A merged circle, square and triangle form a nested uppercase “R” and lowercase “r” which stand for the original aspiration of “Realme” as providing the youth with quality products they need and “realme” – young people’s true selves – simultaneously. This clever nesting and blending design convey Realme’s vision of sharing pride in being young with young people, while the hidden arrows point to the deep connection between Realme and young groups and their direct goals as well as absolute strength of taking challenges.

The upgraded visual identity system and logo are all based on vibrant golden yellow. This colour, called “Realme Yellow” represents power, style, modernity and youthfulness; as well as positive connotations in both Eastern and Western cultures, such as positivity, optimism, friendliness and emotional energy, wisdom, harmony, prosperity. The main auxiliary colour, gray, represents professionalism, calmness, and inclusiveness; and will be used with other auxiliary colours including classic black and white, and a light gray tone, in Realme’s overall brand visual identity.

Instant Upgrade Initiated Globally, Being Proud with More Young People
Realme has upgraded its brand image across all channels, including its official websites, social media platforms, branding videos, e-commerce platforms, customer-end images, customer service centres, office supplies and press conference productions. Realme is poised to make a strong entry into more markets around the world, where it
will reach out to younger groups and accelerate growth. The new “R” logo will be a symbol of the brand’s powerful recognition of young people’s need for individualisation and self-expression, differentiate Realme’s experience offering among smartphone products, and become an icon for young people around the world.

Realme Provides More Possibilities For Young People To Express Themselves
Realme has also launched a series of brand new peripheral products including handbags, paper cups, notebooks, folders, work badges, business cards, envelopes, sweaters and T-shirts, ushering in a new wave of trendy design among young people.

The brand-new peripheral products launched to focus on young people and fully reflect Realme’s sensitive touch of individuality, fashion and colours in product design appearance. The brand-new “R” logo and the compact design bring out the best in each other, which are more consistent with Realme’s position in the sense of design as a young brand; In terms of material selection, Realme has selected durable and eco-friendly design materials for Realme office supplies, giving equal weight to fashion design and pragmatism to better satisfy various demands of young people both in work and life.

Realme has also considered the aesthetic demands of young people and adopted extremely comfortable fabrics for Realme hoodies and T-shirts. The brand has launched two options of Realme Yellow and Realme Grey for young people to choose so that they can show their young attitude with clothes accessories and be “Proud To Be Young” at any time and place.

Through its brand upgrade and the launch of its peripheral products, Realme hopes to provide young people with more possibilities to express themselves, not just limited to mobile phones in terms of trendy design. Realme will continue to upgrade its comprehensive brand experience for users, so that more young people around the world
can enjoy their favourite products.

Advertorial brought to you by Realme Malaysia