HONOR’s Remarkable Surge to the Top of the Smartphone Market

HONOR’s latest triumph in the competitive smartphone market has been propelled by the unprecedented success of its flagship model, the HONOR Magic V2. Defying the overall market trend, HONOR solidified its position as a frontrunner in the industry during the third quarter of 2023, surpassing major competitors in China and establishing a new standard for foldable smartphones.


Amidst a 5% decline in the mobile phone sector, the fierce battle for dominance in the high-end smartphone segment intensified. HONOR’s strategic emphasis on innovative foldable smartphone technology, especially the Magic V2, garnered significant acclaim, generating a surge in demand and elevating the brand’s market presence. Notably, the Magic V2 emerged as the top-selling “large foldable” smartphone in China, capturing more than 50% of the market share within this category, according to Counterpoint data.

HONOR’s groundbreaking achievements in the foldable smartphone domain signify a breakthrough in mobile technology. Overcoming challenges related to bulkiness and quality, HONOR’s Magic V2 showcases technological breakthroughs, including a super-light titanium hinge ensuring durability and a card battery technology enabling an ultra-thin 5000mAh battery.

The appeal of foldable smartphones has captivated a significant portion of flagship phone users, with many former iPhone users switching to the HONOR Magic V2, marking a notable 300% increase compared to previous flagship models. While acknowledging the efforts of competitors like HUAWEI and Samsung in advancing foldable screen technology, HONOR’s recent accomplishments have undeniably set a new benchmark for innovation, establishing the brand as a dominant force in this rapidly evolving market. The HONOR Magic V2 represents not just a smartphone but a testament to the future of mobile technology.

Source: IDC

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