Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Get Google Pixel 2 Portrait Mode

Dual camera setup is another norm feature for 2017 smartphones just like the 2:1 ratio display. Earlier the background blur aka “Bokeh” of portrait pictures can only achieve with dual camera setups.

When Google announced its latest flagship, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL that only has one camera is capable to replicate the same output. This is a combination of dual pixel phase detection and some machine learning that create some of the best portrait photos and even better than the dual camera setups hardware.

A senior member of XDA Developer by the name miniuser123 extracted the latest build of the Google Camera app and tweaked it to be installed on others non-Google devices.

His latest modified Google Camera app is now supported the Exynos-based devices such as; Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Note FE and Samsung Galaxy Note8. Because this is not an official or final app, there are some bugs and crashes while using the app. As for now, it only works on the rear-facing camera.

Here are some photos taking with the modified Google Camera app that I sideloaded into my Samsung Galaxy S8+;

(Left is normal, right is in Portrait Mode. Click on the image for higher resolution preview)



The result was quite good despite it wasn’t meant for it and runs on different SoC.

Here’s how to get it up and running on your Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/Note8;

Download the Google Camera APK

Apply this configuration in the Settings menu;
Model: Nexus 6
Portrait mode on all models: on off
camera.faceboxes: on

UPDATE 18/01/2018! 

There’s an update of the APK file that allows you to use the Portrait Mode on the front camera: Download: Google Camera V3 APK

Make sure to set Model: Pixel XL =  Marlin+taimen (Google)

Source: XDA Developers

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