Roborock Unveils Innovative Cleaning Solutions and Enters Washing Machine Category

Roborock, a leader in smart home cleaning technology, has announced its latest product additions, expanding its impressive portfolio of floor cleaning devices and venturing into the washing machine market.

The Q5 Pro and the Q8 Max, the newest members of the Q-Series, join Roborock’s mid-range robot vacuum lineup. Complementing them is the Dyad Pro Combo, a versatile convertible vacuum designed for wet and dry messes. Additionally, Roborock introduces the Zeo One, an intelligent washer dryer featuring the groundbreaking Zeo-cycle™ drying technology, marking the company’s entry into the washing machine category.

Roborock’s latest launches reflect its commitment to evolving with consumers’ needs, offering intuitive technology solutions to enhance their lives. As a brand dedicated to being an intuitive tech partner, Roborock aims to understand users’ ever-changing practical requirements, exemplifying its commitment to delivering a “Rocking Life With You” experience.

Richard Chang, Founder and CEO of Roborock, emphasized the significance of their new products, stating, “The new generation of Roborock products brings a complete suite of cleaning solutions to an everyday smart home. By implementing our most powerful technology into both floor cleaners and washing machines, customers will experience the simplest and most flexible home maintenance that they always love from a Roborock product.”

Let’s delve into the features of these innovative products:

Q5 Pro and Q8 Max: Elevating Cleaning to New Heights

The Q5 Pro enters the Q Series as the latest entry-level option, while the Q8 Max offers advanced features such as obstacle avoidance technology.

  • Double Vacuuming Power: Both the Q5 Pro and Q8 Max are equipped with the brand’s powerful DuoRoller™ Brush system, ensuring fewer hair tangles and a remarkable 20% improvement in hair removal from carpets. With a formidable suction power of 5,500Pa, users can expect high-performance dirt, hair, dust, and pet hair removal on all floor types.
  • Easy To Use Intelligence: Featuring LiDAR-based navigation, the Q5 Pro and Q8 Max create detailed maps of their surroundings, making them easy to control through the Roborock App. The app provides smart suggestions for No-Go zones, fast cleaning, and efficient cleaning along specific floor directions. The Q8 Max also boasts the Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance system, enabling the robot to navigate around common household hazards.
  • Proven Mopping And Self-Emptying Capabilities: Both models offer proven mopping systems, and the enhanced versions, Q5 Pro+ and Q8 Max+, are paired with the acclaimed RockDock® Plus auto-emptying dock, equipped with E-12 Rated dust bags capable of storing up to 7 weeks of dust without manual emptying.

Dyad Pro Combo: Versatility Meets Efficiency

The Dyad Pro Combo is a wet-dry vacuum that can transform into a handheld vacuum using four additional attachments, providing users with a comprehensive cleaning solution.

  • 5-In-1 Cleaning Combo: The Dyad Pro Combo’s versatility shines, offering the capability to handle wet and dry messes, from spilled cereal with its multi-rollers to vacuuming carpets, tabletops, and narrow spaces, all with unmatched efficiency.
  • Powerful Cleaning Performance: Boasting an impressive 17,000Pa of suction power and the ability to clean as close as 1mm from edges and corners, the Dyad Pro Combo adapts cleaning power, water flow, and can automatically dispense cleaning solution, ensuring unmatched efficiency.
  • Prolonged Ease of Use: The Dyad Pro Combo features a self-cleaning system that automatically cleans and dries the roller brushes with 50℃ hot air. With up to 43 minutes of runtime as a wet-dry vacuum and 60 minutes as a handheld vacuum, it’s designed for both short-term and long-term use.

Zeo One: A Game-Changer in Washing Machines

Roborock ventures into the washing machine category with the introduction of Zeo One, an all-in-one washer dryer featuring Zeo-cycle™ Moderate-Temperature Drying Technology.

  • All-In-One Washer Dryer: The Zeo One combines washing and drying into a single unit. Powered by a quiet and energy-saving DD Motor, it can efficiently wash 10kg and dry 6kg of fabric, all while eliminating bacteria, pet dander, allergens, and the toughest laundry stains.
  • Zeo-cycle™ Moderate-Temperature Drying Technology: Unlike traditional drying methods, Zeo-cycle™ uses precise moderate temperatures controlled by an AI algorithm with NTC smart sensors to prevent damage. Inspired by natural zeolite, Zeo-cycle™ can absorb moisture equivalent to 41,143 times its own area without extreme heat.
  • Self-Maintenance System: Zeo One offers the Roborock LintClear™ Self-Cleaning System, eliminating the need for manual lint filter cleaning. Coupled with a smart self-dosing system for detergent, Zeo One streamlines the washing and drying experience.
  • Stressless Cleaning With App Control: Users have full remote control of Zeo One through the Roborock App, allowing customization of cleaning modes, dryness levels, and schedules, including off-peak hours.

The Q5 Pro, Q8 Max, and Dyad Pro Combo will be available for purchase on Amazon and Roborock’s Official Store in the United States starting in October. The Q5 Pro starts at an MSRP of $429.99, the Q8 Max at $599.99, and the Dyad Pro Combo at $659.99. More information about the availability of Zeo One will be provided in the future.

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