Roborock S7 with Sonic Mopping System Coming to Malaysia Soon – Retail at RM 2,199

Roborock S7, the World’s first Sonic Mopping System with Intelligent Lift Technology on a Robot Vacuum is coming to Malaysia next month.

Roborock S7

This advanced robot vacuum features one of the fastest sonic mops on the market with AI automatic lift for a powerful, seamless cleaning.

“Our goal with every Roborock product is convenience,” said Richard Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Roborock. “The robot mopping process in the past has been arduous, needing customer time and input to set barriers or zones. The S7 completely transforms the mopping experience through surface recognition technology designed to automatically lift the mop element on carpets, making mopping completely effortless while also delivering a deeper clean than ever before.”

The Roborock S7 offers a high-intensity scrub settings from 1,650 times/min to 3,000 times/min for easier disintegrating surface dirt and breaking up the dried on messes. The VibaRise technology automatically lifts the mop when carpets are detected. This is to ensure the S7 able to mop hard floors and vacuum carpets in one cleaning session.

It has a strong 2,500Pa of suction to effortlessly lift dirt and debris from deep within carpets. With the 5,200 mAh battery, it offers up to three hours of uninterrupted cleaning and returns to its charging station once it’s running low in battery.

You can have a lot more level of control through Roborock’s iOS and Android apps. It also supports Alexa, Google Home and Siri-enabled.

The Roborock S7 is available for pre-order now at a special price of RM 2,199 (MSRP RM 4,099) from now until 11th April 2021. There will be also a one-day only sale on 4th April 2021 where you get additional RM 100 off, which mean you can own the Roborock for just RM 2,099.

Where to buy: Roborock’s Shopee Official Store

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