[REVIEW] Edifier MP80 Pocket-sized Bluetooth Speaker – This Tiny Speaker Can Roar!

Love to share your favorite music with your friends and family but your smartphone has a tiny speaker and low volume? A pocket-sized Bluetooth comes in handy especially when you are traveling and like to spice up the environment with nice music regardless soothing or rock & roll songs.

Thanks to Inter-Asia for sending us a unit of Edifier MP80 for us to review

What’s inside?

• Edifier MP80 Bluetooth Speaker
• Short microUSB Cable for Charging
• User Manuals


The speaker is in circular design wrapped in a soft rubbery silicon enclosure. It gave a safe-to-drop built impression that would absorb any drop impacts. Not sure it features so but what I can confirm the MP80 is rated at IP54, splash & dust resistant so you don’t have to worry to carry it along for outdoor activities.

It has swirly lines design on the outer enclosure that’s great for grips and gave a rugged look.

There are total 4 buttons on the speakers; Power, “+”, “-” and Answer/End Call button. The Edifier MP80 charging port is closed with a built-in cover flap and fulled sealed to avoid any water goes inside.

Features & Performance

• 4.5W RMS
• ≤30dB Noise Level
• 160Hz ~ 14KHz Frequency Response
• Bluetooth 4.1
• Built-in Microphone for Handsfree Call
• Up-to 7 Hours Playback
• IP54 Dust & Splash Proof

The Bluetooth pairing is straight-forward and buttons work as like below;

Power On/Off – Press & Hold Power Button
Pairing Mode – Off Mode, Press & Hold Power Button
Volume Up – Press “+” Button
Volume Down – Press “-” Button
Next Track – Press & Hold “+” Button
Previous Track – Press & Hold “-” Button
Answer/End Call – Press Call Button

The sound quality of the Edifier MP80 is not that great or bad. Have to acknowledge that this is a portable small size Bluetooth speaker that serves as a loudspeaker to overcome the tiny speaker on smartphone/tablet on-the-go. The sound tends to get a bit distorted on maximum volume but it’s easily got 5 to 6 times louder than a phone/tablet. Lacking bass is expected, however, it has decent mids and highs.

If your device has Bluetooth 5.0 you can get two of these to create a wider surround sound which I did in my testing with Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Phone calls were ok and clear especially using it inside the car. It also ideal to place inside your car as a Bluetooth handsfree if your car’s head unit doesn’t support any. It’s a cheap upgrade to enable Internet Music Streaming & handsfree in the car.

Battery capacity was not mentioned on the box nor can be found on the web but throughout the 6 – 7 hours on and off tests, the speaker battery still going strong without the need to charge.

Edifier MP80 is priced at only RM 139 and comes with two color options; Blue and Black. It will be available exclusively at Popular Bookstore nationwide.

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Edifier MP80
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The Edifier MP80 is one heck small powerful speaker. It’s a great add-on for those who are always travelling and love to enjoy music on-the-go. It’s compact in size yet powerful and has a rugged stylish design.