niu E-scooter is Available Now in Malaysia. Priced at RM 8,800

niu (小牛电动) a China company introduced their first e-scooter in the mid-2015 and they finally bring it to Malaysia through a dealer, MForce Bike Holding.

The niu N1 that they bring in is road legal in Malaysia, powered by a 29 Ah Panasonic battery and provide up to 80-100 km range in a single charge. A full charge would take up to 6 hours by using Malaysia standard 230V domestic electric supply.

The 1.5kW German Bosch Elector motor produces 2,300 watts of power and 120 Nm of torque. However, the speed is capped to 55 km/h only which only suitable for short urban trip.

It also equipped with the dual hydraulic disc brake system, combined with electronic EBS braking and kinetic energy recovery braking to top up up the battery.

The niu N1 has an intelligent anti-theft feature such as scooter location, notification if the scooter has been moved, battery level and charging condition.

It uses LED lighting front and back, comes with an LCD meter display the speed, battery level and ride mode. It even comes with a USB charger and cargo hook inside the front cowl and a plentiful 18.9 litre of storage space.

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Source: Paultan

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