MediaTek Worst SoC? We Shouldn’t Trademark Easily

MediaTek has been one of the most common SoC used on budget smartphones, this allows the company to capture more share of wallet, making them the seconds biggest semiconductor manufacturer. There are pros and cons, let’s me explain more.

In order for MediaTek to tap on this budget phone market, they need to produce cheap chipset in high quantity as the budget/mid-range smartphone growing tremendously especially in India, China, basically in Asia Pacific regions. Thus more smartphones now are more affordable.

I always believe in one thing, “Good things never come cheap, cheap things never are good” With this, the cheap SoC may have limited clock speed on CPU & GPU, poor battery management, out-dated modem but all just works as what a phone should be.

Of course, with all these cut-down specifications, the user experience may not be as favorable for people who demand better processing power and battery efficiency.

With these the public would now “Trademark” all the MediaTek SoC are terrible and not power efficient. It may, but only to a certain model of SoC like Quad-core MT6737 an old 2 – 3 years old that poorly optimized. The Helio P60 and X30 are processors that are very powerful in the mid-range category that good yet affordable price.

The new MediaTek processor like the most recent MediaTek Helio P60 that can be found on the new OPPO F7 & OPPO F9. It s also one of the best mid-range SoC to date. It focused on the quality to price ratio. First, it fabricates on a 12nm process that resulting in more power efficient without compromising its performance.

Speaking performance, the Helio P60 has Quad ARM Cortex-A73 clocked up to 2.0GHz plus Quad ARM Cortex-A53 which also up to 2.0GHz. On top of that, it also has an advanced dedicated module for the up-rising A.I. which can perform deep-learning facial detection, scene recognition and AR. The company called it NeuroPilot.

MediaTek also is the first to have a true dual VoLTE providing dual VoLTE (Voice) and ViLTE (Video) capability.

Based on benchmark tests (Geekbench & AnTuTu), MediaTek Helio P60 showing almost the same with the best Qualcomm Snapdragon 660.

From these facts, I can conclude not all MediaTek SoC are poor in term of performance and power efficiency. MediaTek SoC able to bring great incredible hardware together with an affordable Android smartphone. We shouldn’t “Trademark” all MediaTek SoCs are poor.

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