[REVIEW] Infinity CLUBZ 250 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Infinity CLUBZ 250 Speaker Specification

Infinity CLUBZ 250 Bluetooth Speaker
BluetoothBluetooth v4.2
Transducer Size2x 45mm
Output Power7.5W
Playback Time10 hours @ 50%
Frequency Response75-20kHz
Signal Noise Ratio70dB (Aux)
ConnectionMicro USB
Water ResistantIPX7
EQ modeNormal / Deep Base
ColourBlack / Red / Blue
DimensionHeight :117mm / Diameter :88mm

Out of the box

The packaging comes in a typical black and yellow box. The box is pretty standard and nothing to wow about. Opening the content of the box, you will notice that there are the manuals, tie string and a USB charging cable over a formed plastic protecting the actual speaker. Don’t expect to have a premium unboxing experience from this, nevertheless you may not even want to keep the box anyway.

Infinity CLUBZ 250 Inside Box

Here is what you will get:

  • Infinity CLUBZ 250 Speaker
  • Tie String
  • USB Cable
  • User manual

Design and Build

The design of the speaker itself is pretty nice, considering that the one I was reviewing was black in colour (one of the never wrong colours). It stands tall at about 12cm with a diameter of 9cm. It is a good size for big hands but if you have smaller hands, this would not be comfortable enough for you to carry around. It does come with a tie string that is pretty similar to your shoelaces, but I’m a big fan of hanging my speakers and letting it knock around as you walk.

Infinity CLUBZ 250 Size
Infinity CLUBZ 250 logo

It a little on the heavy considering it’s size, at 450g but not too heavy enough to carry along with you. It does feel very solid and unbreakable with the given weight and the fabric material wrapping the entire radius of the speaker, with rubberized material on the top and bottom. At the lower back, there sits a very thick rubber covering the USB charging port and AUX IN.

Built is good for daily use and with the addition of IPX7, you can bring it to any pool party and splash your way around without worrying about the speaker; just bare in mind that the outside is made of fabric so you will really need to dry it out if it gets in contact with any water.


Pairing the speaker are straight forward, it will directly go to pairing mode the first time it’s out of the box. If you are repairing the device, you can disconnect the pairing and press the “play/pause” button for a short period to enable pairing mode. To reset all pairing information, long press Power and “play/pause” button until you hear a chime.

Infinity CLUBZ 250 Control Button

When it is in pairing mode, the infinity logo on the top will start blinking until it is paired.


Controls are well located at the top of the speaker with a total of 4 buttons.

To power on/off : Middle button with infinity logo

Volume – : Decrease volume / skip backward (hold 2 sec)

Volume + : Increase volume / skip forward (hold 2 sec)

Play/Pause : Play and pause / pickup,hang up or decline phone call (hold 3 second)

The controls are ok and well protected but it is not a touch control (it does look like one) and you really need some strength to press those buttons especially the power. Button are flushed with the top giving a very clean design.


This speaker is relatively loud considering it footprint. It delivers big sound and clarity at the higher range. One thing disappointing though is the there is evidence distortion at louder volume and frequency crossover, which makes the speaker sounds muddy. Being able to be loud gives an extra boost at outdoor settings but I would not recommend blasting this speaker. Speaker performs OK (not great) at around 60-70% volume.

There are two modes for this speaker, one normal and one deep base. You toggle between to two settings by pressing the – and + volume together until you hear an announcement of the settings changing.

Deep bass gives a big boom but will distortion, and normal mode seems a bit flat. I really hope that there is somewhere in the middle where there will be a better bass representation without putting it on steroid, which clearly the driver were not able to deliver.

Battery Life

Battery life is decent, boosting at around 10 hours with 50% volume playback. It charges at around 4 hours. To be pratical, don’t expect to get 10 hours and most of us won’t do 50% volume unless you are listening to some smooth background music in a closed environment.

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Infinity CLUBZ 250 Review
  • Design
  • Built
  • Sound Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Value


The speaker scores high on built and design, credits to it’s solid built and slightly heavyweight, it does give an impression of an expensive speakers and not some cheap rubberize plastic counterparts. Speakers don’t feel hollow and with the addition of fabric, it provides you with the premium feel. Sound is not impressive but not the worst. Can deliver big sound if you don’t mind some distortion and crossover. What you are paying for here, most will be going to the solid built instead of sound quality. Being an IPX7, it’s a great outdoor speaker but make sure you dry out the fabric before storing.

You can get the Infinity CLUBZ 250 from Infinity Malaysia’s Lazada official store for RM 229.