HUAWEI GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II is Coming to Malaysia on 30th October. Priced at RM 1,799

The HUAWEI x GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II is a fashionable eyewear collaboration with GENTLE MONSTER which was the second generation of smart glasses.


The new generation smart glasses use a more flexible titanium hinge to connect the frame to the temples, supporting a 12-degree opening. Meanwhile, the curve angle of the temples is increased to 20-degrees from 12-degrees offering a more flexible fit.

There’s a comprehensive upgrade over the predecessor, featuring an ultra-thin and large amplitude speaker and doubled up the volume. The semi-open dual speakers give a high quality with effective reduce sound leakage by up to 12dB. It also supports upgraded gesture controls by tapping and pinching to play pause music as well as answering or rejecting a phone call.


The HUAWEI X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II offers music play up to 5 hours or voice calls for 3.5 hours continuously on a single charge. The provided case offers wireless charging, where the glasses can be fully charged with 90 minutes or 1 hours of music playback with a 15 minutes charge.

It comes in form of sunglasses (Black) or optical spectacles (Graphite Black) which can be fitted with prescription lenses. The HUAWEI X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II will be launched on 30th October 2020 online on HUAWEI Store and all HUAWEI Experience Stores nationwide.

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