HONOR X9b – Can It Withstand a Bullet Shot?


HONOR Malaysia has provided another reason for Malaysians to anticipate the upcoming release of the HONOR X9b. By teasing the question, “Can it endure a Bullet Shot?” the company has created an air of mystery around what to expect from their latest smartphone. It is designed to be robust and resilient, capable of overcoming any demanding daily task. Join us on 23rd October 2023, to witness the shooting challenge and discover if the HONOR X9b is truly capable of withstanding such extreme conditions. With the buzz surrounding HONOR’s newest series, the HONOR X9b is being hailed as the All-angle Ultra Tough.

1.) 360° Device Toughness:

With the HONOR Ultra-Bounce Anti-Drop Display, the HONOR X9b boasts an all-round drop resistance, protecting both the front screen and the back of the device.

2.) 3-Level Protection:

With the trio of single-point reinforcement protection, wraparound cushioning, and deep seal protection, the HONOR X9b provides multiple layers of defense for the screen, frame, and internal components for protection like no other.

3.) Advanced Cushioning materials:

HONOR X9b features a cutting-edge cushioning material that can absorb up to 1.2 times the impact of a drop, ensuring your device stays safe in the most challenging situations.

4.) SGS-Certified Durability:

The HONOR X9b proudly holds the title of the world’s first 5-star all-angle drop resistance certification, granted by the SGS of Switzerland.

5.) 365 Days Front and Back Crack Replacement:

HONOR X9b offers an industry-first, allowing users to replace cracked screens both on the front and back for a full year after purchase.

The HONOR X9b takes the lead in the action-packed thriller ‘War on Terror: KL Anarchy’. Recently, HONOR Malaysia announced a significant collaboration with the local blockbuster film, introducing the new HONOR X9b. Set for a nationwide release on 23rd November 2023, this exciting partnership seamlessly merges state-of-the-art smartphone technology with the adrenaline-inducing action of the silver screen.

Hitting the big screen, the HONOR X9b becomes the focus of attention amidst the gripping narrative of ‘War on Terror: KL Anarchy’. Serving as HONOR’s most resilient smartphone to date, this exceptional device sets new standards for durability with its All-angle Ultra-Tough construction.

For more information about the HONOR X9b, be the first to explore it at: https://bit.ly/HONORX9bPR

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