Edifier GS01 and GS02 Professional Gaming External Sound Card

Edifier releases the Edifier GS01 and GS02 Professional Gaming External Sound Card, a simple sound card that will supercharge your gaming performance with easy to set-up and cross-platform compatible.

Edifier GS02

Compatible with Windows PC and PS4 with simple plug and play

Enchant your gaming experience cross-platform on both Windows PC and PS4 as the Edifier GS01 and GS02 Professional Gaming External Sound Card. Users can bring the same experience by simply plugging in the sound card to the USB port to enjoy the superior sound quality of Edifier GS01 and GS02 without the need on purchasing a separate platform dedicated sound card.

Precision Stereo with the Edifier GS01 and Superior 7.1 surround sound with Edifier GS02

The Edifier GS01 comes with C media HS100B, an all-in-one sound processor complete with highly practical functions such as stereo DAC and earphone driver, microphone pre-amp booster.

Enjoy 7.1 superior surround sound with Edifier GS02, as it comes equipped with professional-grade sound processor C Media CM108. Embedded within, the CM108 comes with dual DAC units, earphone Amp, data loss noise reduction function, and 48K/44.1 Sampling rate for both playback and recording, giving the user an excellent sound experience.

TRRS Audio jack for delivering superior sound and receiving mic audio

Edifier GS01 and GS02 are equipped with TRRS Audio jack to streamline the audio port on the devices, eliminating the needs of multiple audio jacks and better compatible with modern earphone setups.

With only one Audio port, Edifier GS01 and GS02 can deliver clear audio signal and receive voice recording from Mic to your device with no messy wiring.

Physical microphone switch & volume knob

By having a physical microphone switch & volume knob, the Edifier GS01 and GS02 give the user quick access and full control on the fly. Users can change the volume just by reaching out to the devices without the need to switch back to the main window to adjust the volume. The mic can also be switch off the mic almost immediately with the physical switch to avoid accident noise interference.

Price and Availability

The Edifier GS01 and GS02 is available now at all Edifier official sales channels;

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