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ASUS Reveals All-New AI-Powered ASUS ExpertBook P5

ExpertBook P5: A New Era of AI for Professionals

The ExpertBook P5, powered by Intel Core Ultra processors (code-named ‘Lunar Lake’), represents a significant advancement in AI technology. It boasts over 45 TOPS NPU and delivers more than 100 platform TOPS, tripling the AI performance of its predecessors. This leap in technology ensures quieter, cooler, and more efficient operations, ideal for today’s mobile professionals.

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Enhancing Workflows with AI

ExpertBook P5 introduces smart AI-driven features such as AI meetings, AI assistants, and AI creativity tools that simplify complex tasks and boost productivity. It includes AI-enhanced file search, exceptional audio and video quality for global meetings, and features for real-time collaboration and multilingual meeting transcripts. These advancements position the ExpertBook P5 as a vital tool for professionals at all levels.

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Comprehensive Security and Durability

Security and reliability are paramount in the ExpertBook P5, which comes with a Windows 11 Secured-core PC framework, commercial-grade BIOS, and optional TPM 2.0. Its military-grade durability, advanced cooling systems, and robust build ensure it can withstand the demands of modern work environments, backed by a three-year warranty.

Expanding the ExpertBook Lineup

Following the launch of ExpertBook P5, ASUS will present a full range of ExpertBook laptops, including the ultralight ExpertBook B9 OLED (B9403) for executives on the move, and the versatile B5 and B3 series for various business needs. The latest ExpertCenter desktops, such as the ExpertCenter D7 Tower and D9 Mini Tower, will also be on display, alongside Chromebooks like the ExpertBook CX54 Chromebook Plus, featuring the best of Google AI.

Commitment to Sustainability

ASUS continues to prioritize environmental responsibility in its product designs. The Expert-series devices are built to minimize environmental impact while maintaining high performance and military-grade durability. ASUS has increased the use of sustainable materials, incorporating over 20% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content in plastic models, and has committed to greater energy efficiency and sustainability certifications.

Future of Work with ASUS AI PCs

ASUS’s new AI-powered ExpertBook P5 and the expanded ExpertBook lineup demonstrate a commitment to making advanced AI technology accessible across all professional settings, from large corporations to small offices and startups. By integrating cutting-edge AI features, ASUS is setting new benchmarks for enhancing productivity, security, and sustainability in the workplace.

Stay tuned for more details about the ExpertBook P5’s official launch in Q3, as ASUS continues to lead the way in innovative computing solutions.

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