You Can Now Shave With Laser Razor, Skarp Razor. 21st Century Shaving

This is a breakthrough invention for mankind. This may sound exaggerated but this is what all man want, a razor that powered by laser. Meaning no more replacing expensive cartridges, no razor burn/cut and no more irritation.

Skarp Razor is the first ever razor that uses small laser to cuts through hair at very close shave.

How it really works? The Skarp Razor emit wavelength of light that could cut through dark hair.

The laser light is low power and eye safe. It doesn’t emit UV thus it won’t not cause complication like laser hair removal and the power of the laser is too low so it doesn’t enter the skin.

It uses a single AAA battery and that will last about a month with normal use and the laser has a lifespan of 50,000 hours before replace a new piece.

The Skarp Razor is selling for US$ 89 (early bird) and up to US$ 189 at Kickstarter. Estimated shipping March 2016 to certain countries.

Via: Amanz Source: Skarp Razor (Kickstarter)

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