Xiaomi Announced Mi Band 1s, Built-in Heart Rate Monitor Sensor at Ridiculous Price

The second generation Mi Band has confirmed with built-in heart rate sensor where Xiaomi unveiled it last Saturday. The new Mi Band name Mi Band 1s will be offering during Xiaomi Double 11 along with the new 20,000mAh Mi Power bank.

Design wise there are not much changes aside added a heart-rate monitor sensor beneath the band.

The optical heart rate sensor able to keep track your pulse rate and it’s good for those who workout often and into sport activities.

It has a 45mAh battery capacity and features a dialog 4.0 bluetooth chip, ADI sensor and IP67 rating water resistant and dustproof.

Xiaomi claimed that the built-in optical heart rate sensor has high accuracy as the Apple Watch and a single charge can lasts for 20 days and more.

Xiaomi also uses a newer and better material for its strap that the previous generation has received a lot complaint that the strap is easily broken.

The Mi Band 1S charger is also shorter and smaller as compare to Mi Band.

The Mi Band 1s is open for sales on 11th November and priced at only RMB 99 (approx RM 68 only)

Source: MIUI Forum

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