Would You Buy The Safe-Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with RM 1,000 Slash?

There were saying that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which being recalled may resurface as safe-refurbished device this year.

According to ETNews from Korea, Samsung is expected to resell the Galaxy Note 7 (with different name, some call it Galaxy Note 7R) around June this year.

With the refurbished label, Samsung offers a good price discount from the official price. According to the report, Samsung may be selling it at 700,000 won compare to the original price of 988,900 won. We are expecting a price cut at 288,900 won which translated to around RM 1,100.

Samsung may retain all the specification and functionality expect reduced the battery size from 3,500 mAh to 3,200 mAh.

If the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R is coming to Malaysia and offer a similar discount, would you consider to buy one?

Via: Amanz, Source: ETNews

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