Wireless Charging Technology Today, Wireless vs Wired

Has been hearing some good devices supported Wireless Charging like Google Nexus, Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy Note and even smartwatch. The convenient of place on top and charge without the hassle of tangle wire, damaging the USB connector and etc.

Now the question whether the wireless charging is fast enough and can be comparable with wired wall plug charging?

There are few industry standards for Wireless Charging System including the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and the Power Matters Alliance (PMA)

Today’s all common Wireless Charging Pad is only put output of 5W which the is same slow wired charger from normal wired charger (estimation about 500 mAh to 750 mAh). In order to full charge a 4,000 mAh tablet, it may take 8 hours. There is some power lost due to heat generated in charging process.

Freescale Semiconductor is planning to introduces industry’s first 15 Watt Qi-compliant wireless charging solution and it will be able to triple up the charging speed which make it equally fast with 2A rating wall charger which are now commonly use on newer smartphone and tablet. There are even more fast charging technologies being introduced such as VOOC Rapid Charge, Qualcomm Quick Charge and etc which can go up to 19 Watt.

Conclusion: Wireless Charging may not be replacing the traditional charger; maybe for now. Wireless Charging system may suitable to charge small battery size device such as smartwatch or to be use in some designated area as public charger station for light charge. Eg; airport and restaurant. You may still use the Wireless Charger for overnight charge but not suitable for fast charging, even powerbank has power output rating 2.4A which can be found on ASUS ZenPower.

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