Which Is The Best Value Internet Mobile Postpaid? DiGi? Maxis? Celcom? U Mobile?

The use of a mobile phone nowadays are no longer just to uses for making phone calls or texting in SMS format. Now everyone are using the phone to get online, to reach broader communications with friends and family thru Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, WeChat and etc.

Mobile internet service has gained a lot competitiveness in providing the best and affordable internet plans regardless prepaid or postpaid.

Here are few major telco in Malaysia that provide affordable mobile internet centric plans. From the table below you will get to know which plan is more suitable for you if you are planning to jumpship from prepaid to postpaid.

Please take note, below are just my personal points of views of the internet data plan offers in Malaysia. This is not a sponsor post.

Maxis – SurfMore 50
Would be one of the most expensive data plan compare to others. The SurfMore 50 is only given 2GB of quota and additional topup 1GB is RM35/month. Which sum up the most expensive among others. Maxis so far provide the fastest and stable coverage thus it premium price.

Celcom – FIRST Basic 38
This plan is one of the most attractive plan for non-contract to jumpship. This may not be the cheapest plan as compare to DiGi. Celcom is the only telco at the moment that offers unused data to carry forward to next month. The additional data topup is also the cheapest among all.

Aside of that, Celcom also offered free 3GB WiFi internet, that’s mean you can connect to any Celcom WiFi access point and surf internet. 50 minutes talktime and 50 SMS are bundled along in this plan. This offers is only valid for limited time and once you signed up this plan within the promotion period, this plan will stay forever.

DiGi – SmartPlan 50
The cheapest plan among all, offers 3GB of data and 100 minutes talktime plus 100 SMS. RM36 is very good deals that give 3GB of quota. The only drawback is the additional data topup is very expensive.

This offer is only valid for 12 months and it will revert back to normal SmartPlan 50, 2GB internet data at the price of RM50.

U Mobile – P50
U Mobile’s P50 plan offers 3GB of internet quota and 50 minutes talktime for RM50. The additional data topup is RM10 for additional 1.5GB and will expired in 3 days. U Mobile offered one of the cheapest call and SMS rate.

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