WhatsApp is Working on Few New Features; Revoke, Stories & Live Location Tracking

WhatsApp will be introducing few new features that everyone has been waiting for

1. Revoke / Recall & Edit

This feature is now being tested in beta versions of WhatsApp on Android and iOS. This allows you to recall and edit messages that you have sent out but the receiving party has yet view/read your messages.

2. Snapchat’s “Stories”

If you had use Snapchat’s “Stories” before, you know how it works. Basically you can add a picture with a caption as a message or doodle that will disappears after you set a timer for the message to disappear.

3. Live Location Tracking

It allows users to enable other people in a group chat to track their location in real time.

All the new features mentioned above are still in beta testing and it may not roll out officially

Source: Mashable

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