WhatsApp Brings Few New Features – Message Yourself, Poll, Admin New Authority & Call Invite

WhatsApp has rolled out a few new features for its WhatsApp Beta testers which are eventually to be released to the public soon.

WhatsApp New Update

Message Yourself

Many people find it useful to quickly jot down an idea, a reminder, or paste a link from the web in a message to themselves. The feature can also be handy for sharing files with yourself from one platform to another. For instance, you could WhatsApp yourself an image from your phone and download it on your desktop with the PC version of the messaging app. This isn’t new as it’s already available on Slack and Telegram for a while now.

There’s actually another workaround if you are not part of beta testers where you can type this link followed by your mobile number on your browser. wa.me/6(your mobile number)


You can now create a poll in your WhatsApp group which ease users to get feedback and decision making. It can be found under the attachment (the clip pin logo) and you will find the Poll option.

Admin Delete Message

Aside from just allowing to add or remove participates in a group, the admin now gets the authority to delete messages that he/she found inappropriate to the group. It works like how you delete your own message instead this apply to participates messages.

Create Call Link

Instead of create a group to have a group call on WhatsApp, WhatsApp now allow you to create a call link where you can invite anyone with the provided link be it voice or video call.

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