WhatsApp Added Bold, Italics & Strikethroughts On Its New Update

Ever wish to have more expression or highlight when you type messages on WhatsApp? Whatsapp has added this new ability to add bold, italicis and strikethrough to your chats on its latest update.

The new features was in beta for a while now and it’s finally made available for iOS and Android WhatsApp who updated to the latest version.

How does it works?

Bold – Add asterisks to both side of the text you want *bold*
Italics – Add underscores to both side of the text you want _italics_
Strikethrough – Add tildes to both side of the text your want -tilde-

It also work in combination of Bold & Italics. Eg _*bolditalics*_

Make sure you have updated your WhatsApp to the latest version. Some Android users may not get the latest update yet but it will be rolled out very soon.

Source: Telegraph

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