What Happened To Your Facebook Account If You Pass Away? Legacy Contact & Memorialization Request

Every year Mark Zuckerberg will announce another new milestone of active Facebook users but the statistic may not be accurate as person who passed away may still have they account active.

What happened to the deceased Facebook account? What you can do?

Facebook has this feature called Legacy Contact. It allows you to inherit your Facebook account to someone you trusted when you passed on and the person of your choice; that could be a close friend, spouse, your child to manage parts of your Facebook account, better write a pinned post for your profile (share a final message on your behalf or provide information about a memorial service), change your profile picture and etc.

This is how you add a Legacy Contact;

• Log into your account
• Click on Settings and then Security
• Click on Legacy Contact option, then type in the “Choose a friend” (everyone in your Facebook list is a friend including your family member)

• Once you added the person to be your Legacy Contact to manage your account, a formal notification will prompted out to send to the Legacy Contact.
• There’s an option to check the Data Archive Permission box that allow your Legacy Contact to download posts, photos, videos and other content from your account.

You would also have an option to delete your Facebook account after you pass away instead of choosing a legacy contact.

All this will only take place after your contact informed Facebook and submit a “Memorialization Request

Verified immediate family members may request the removal of a loved one’s account from Facebook

Source: Facebook

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