Walking Are Just Too Mainstream. WalkCar, Personal Transporter

Human are now getting lazier with technology even on our basic exercise, Walking.

There were a few inventions that actually used to travel on normal walking road path like electric unicycle and Segway but their are very difficult to ride for beginner.

A Japanese engineer has just invented a new way to travel, a transporter that’s small, light and easy to use, WalkCar. It’s so small it can be carried in a backpack.

It’s not exactly a car but it’s a battery powered skateboard alike that can hold much weight as 120kg, thanks to the aluminium built.

It’s very simple to ride by hopping onto the WalkCar and it will starts automatically and stepping off to stop it. The user just need to shifts their weight to change direction.

WalkCar can travel up to 10km/h and travel up to 12km with a single 3 hours charge.

Saito says customers will be able to reserve their own WalkCars from autumn 2015 on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter. The futuristic skateboard will have a price-tag of around 100,000 Japanese Yen (approx. $800 USD). Shipping is expected to begin by spring 2016.

See WalkCar in action here:

Source: VentureBeat

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