vivo Show Off Their New 120W Super FlashCharge Technology

Yeap, it’s not typo. It’s 120 Watts output charge on a smartphone. vivo has just introduced it’s latest fast charging technology, Super FlashCharge that deliver up to 120W output.

They already released a poster emphasized the vivo 120W able to completely charge a 4,000 mAh battery for just 13 minutes. The product manager from vivo also released a sneak peek video of the Super FlashCharge technology.

In the video, the phone was charged from 10.5% to 12.8% for just 16 seconds. That’s almost 7 seconds per 1% and assuming it able to maintain the same charging rate, this new technology can charge a flat battery to 50% for just under 6 minutes?

The 2019 Mobile World Congress will be taking place next week at Shanghai, China and we may be expecting vivo to showcase the technology at the event.

Via: The Verge, Source: Weibo

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