[REVIEW] UGREEN HiTune X5 – Back to Basic

UGREEN besides sending over their UGREEN GaN X 100W charger for me to review, also sent me their latest TWS earbuds, the UGREEN HiTune X5.


This is the second TWS I reviewed from this brand, the HiTune T2 was rated great open in-ear earbuds that have all the bells and whistles. Let’s see what’s the HiTune X5 has to offer.

Disclaimer: UGREEN did send this product for me to review and UGREEN did not pay nor given any editorial/review inputs on this article. This is my personal unbias review sharing with all my readers.

UGREEN HiTune X5 – Unboxing

UGREEN HiTune X5 Inside Box

Inside the box is the HiTune X5 case with the earbuds, a user manual, 3 sets of eartips (XS, S & L) and a short USB C cable.

UGREEN HiTune X5 – Design & Built

Let’s begin with the charging case, it’s a semi-glossy plastic casing which pretty compact in size and has a flat-bottom which is great to place on flat surfaces. Three white LEDs on the front show the estimation of battery levels and it also tells whether your earbuds are fully charged with LED one and LED three lit up while charging. This is one thoughtful touch.

UGREEN HiTune X5 Charging Case

The bottom is welcomed with a modern USB C port for charging. While on the back is a reset button.

UGREEN HiTune X5 Auto Pair

It is ready to pair or automatically paired when the lid is open. It will be connected to your devices before you even place it in your ears. The pebble-shaped in-ear earbuds have a capacitive touch that controls pretty much everything – more of the touch-control later.

The overall built is pretty solid and the lid cover doesn’t wobble like some others TWS earbuds.

UGREEN HiTune X5 – Earbuds Fitting & Touch-Control

UGREEN HiTune X5 Ear Fitting

Don’t get deceived by its looks with the big and short rounded stem design earbuds as it’s lightweight at only 5gram and I did find the angled earbuds has pretty good in-ear fitting as long you picked the right eartip size.

Like how I praised the UGREEN HiTune T2 touch-control, the HiTune X5 get the same hallmark;

  • Play/Pause Music & Answer/End a call – Single tap on L/R earbud
  • Volume Down – Double tap on L earbuds
  • Volume Up – Double tap on R earbud
  • Previous Track – Triple tap on L earbud
  • Next Track – Triple tap on R earbud
  • EQ Switch (Normal & Gaming mode) – Quadruple tap on L/R earbud
  • Summon Voice Assistant/Reject – Press & hold L/R earbud for 2 seconds

The touch-control inputs are baked into it and we can’t change or customize to what we like. Still, it’s covered pretty much the controls needed without taking out our phone.

UGREEN HiTune X5 – Sound Quality

I learnt the HiTune X5 lean towards deep bass with their Superbass Low-frequency Enhancement Technology. It uses an updated Qualcomm QCC3040 SoC and 10mm Dynamic Driver. Supports Qualcomm aptX, AAC and SBC codecs.


So even though these earbuds don’t feature Active Noise Cancelling, the enclosed design offers passive noise cancelling does the job for more users.

Due to lack of EQ control, the Superbass seem kicked in all the time, vocal-focus songs do get muddled a little when some bassy instrument overlapped. Mid and High were balanced with a decent soundstage.

During my test with the ASUS ROG Phone 5, I used the built-in AudioWizard tuned by Dirac to tweak the EQ to music genres that I’m listening to, it does make a huge difference, showing the potential of this earbuds.

If you want to use it for gaming, it does feature Game Mode by quadruple any side of the earbuds. What it does is reducing the bitrate and allows a shorter audio transmission between the device and earbuds. According to UGREEN, it can go as low as 70ms latency which is salient for FPS gaming.

UGREEN HiTune X5 – Microphone

UGREEN HiTune X5 Mic

There are a total of 4 microphones on each earbud, featuring ENC and Qualcomm CvC 8.0 Noise cancellation. This enabled me to be listened clearly even I’m in a crowded or noisy environment.

Throughout my use with voice calls on Microsoft TEAMS and Google Meet, I did not encounter any problem while I’m presenting.

UGREEN HiTune X5 – Battery Life

Earbuds alone offered 7 hours of usage and the charging case provide another 3 rounds of charge. During my 1 week test, the HiTune X5 still have some juice left with an average of 2 – 3 hours daily.

UGREEN HiTune X5 – Verdict

UGREEN may not be specialized in TWS with just only five models under its belt, but I’m quite impressed with the quality and performance of their products.

The UGREEN HiTune X5 may not have a lot of groovy features like ANC, Wear Detection, Wireless Charging but they do focus on what’s important; Sound quality, user experience and built. The thing that I wish UGREEN would consider having a companion app that has EQ control, this would greatly increase the sound experience.

You can own the UGREEN HiTune X5 for sub-RM 200 with one year warranty from their official E-commerce stores;

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