[REVIEW] UGREEN GaN X 65W Charger – The Only Charger You Need

When you have more electronic devices automatically you will have more chargers for the different device due to different charging protocols. For example; for your laptop, smartphones, tablet, wireless earbuds and etc.

How about consolidating it all into one smart yet portable charger. The UGREEN GaN X 65W would be the best solution for it.

UGREEN has sent us their latest GaN X 65W charger that features triple Type-C, a single Type-A USB port and it can output a combined maximum of 65W. It’s one smart charger that supports major fast charging protocol including USB Power Delivery that apply to major modern laptops, QC4+, QC4, QC3, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger, HUAWEI SuperCharge protocol and much more. It comes with three plugs; US, EU and UK (Malaysia standard plug)

Disclaimer: UGREEN did send this product for me to review and UGREEN did not pay nor given any editorial/review inputs on this article. This is my personal unbias review sharing with all my readers.

How can all this make possible in such a small and compact size? This is thanks to the Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor materials that offer high charging efficiency compared to conventional silicon chargers. UGREEN has claimed that the AC/DC efficiency of 93.48%. This means the charger would able to charge efficiently without generating much heat.

The first two Type-C from the top are capable of 65W Power Delivery charging, while the third offers up to 18W. The only Type A USB can deliver a max 22.5W output.

The UGREEN GaN X 65W may support almost every major charging standard protocol but there are some devices that use their own proprietary charging technology for instance OPPO VOOC Flash Charge, OnePlus Warp and few others. Still, it can charge but without the fast charging capability.

In terms of charging performance, I would say it’s pretty close with the standard fast charger;

I do not have any Apple devices to test but according to their website, it should able to deliver maximum supported PD 3.0 charges for Apple iPhone X onwards, Apple iPad Pro, Apple MacBook and more.

Do take note, the max output is 65W and if you have multiple devices to charges, the charging speeds would be leverage. You rest assure about safety as UGREEN has few safety chips embedded in this charger including Smart-ID Chip to match the device charging protocol, Synchronous Rectifier Chip (PWM) for a more efficient conversion rate while generating lesser heat and Power Management ICs with over-voltage, over-current, overload, short-circuit and over-temperature protection.

For more info visit: www.ugreen.com

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UGREEN GaN X 65W Charger
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The UGREEN GaN X 65W charger is something that you would want to consider to invest. Considering the transition of non bundled charger by smartphone company like the Apple iPhone 12-series, Samsung Galaxy S21-series and we would expect more company to follow suit.

Additional, the compact charger also works for your laptops that support common PD protocol. For RM 129, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a simpler charging solution without compromise fast charging.

They received over 300 ratings with over 4.9 stars over 5.

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