UGREEN GaN X 100W Charger – Compact, Cooler & Faster Charging

UGREEN stepped its GaN charger from 65W to 100W to quench more fast charging needs. There are so many devices to charge nowadays, each of them has a different power requirement. To make matters worse, the new trend of not providing chargers in your new smart devices. Eg: Apple iPhone, some Samsung Galaxy devices and Xiaomi followed suit.


If you are planning to get a charger for your new device, why not grab yourself a multi-output charger like the UGREEN GaN X 100W that provide power for your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch and even your laptop all in one.

What is GaN? As shared in my previous review of the UGREEN GaN X 65W charger, GaN or Gallium Nitride is a semiconductor material that offers high charging efficiency up to 93.48% compared to conventional silicon. In short, compact cooler fast charging.


As the name suggests, the charger is capable provide up to 100W power output. It’s compact and does feel solid on hand. Total three USB-C and one USB A. The top two USB C is able to deliver 100W output where the third USB C and fourth USB deliver output is up to 22.5W.

UGREEN GaN 100W Ports

If you have higher-powered devices, like laptops or powerbank you should use the first or seconds ports. Where the third and fourth are ideally for your smartphones, tablets, smartwatch and etc.

Although the output can go up to 100W, if you charge your iPhone or Galaxy smartphone onto the USB C one or two, the charger will intelligently provide the maximum supported input. Don’t worry that it will damage your devices as this charger include Smart-ID Chip to match the device charging protocol, Synchronous Rectifier Chip (PWM) for a more efficient conversion rate while generating lesser heat and Power Management ICs with over-voltage, over-current, overload, short-circuit and over-temperature protection.


So, do we really need 100W power output? Modern laptops nowadays support 65W power delivery and with 100W power output, we will be able to charge other devices concurrently at the full charging speed. There are even laptops that go beyond 90W charging input which the UGREEN GaN X 100W comes in handy.

I used the UGREEN GaN X 100W to charge the ASUS ZenBook 13 OLED (PD 65W) and HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 (22.5W) concurrently, I was able to get close charging time with its original chargers by few minutes different.

You can get the UGREEN GaN X 100W for just RM 169 from UGREEN Official Store on Shopee or Lazada.

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