U Mobile Unlimited Hero P78 Set New Benchmark of Unlimited Data & Calls But There’s a Catch!

When come to generous internet data quota I would only think of U Mobile. They are the one that break the internet quota rules by offering additional data just for videos and even unlimited access to social media apps and music apps on their postpaid plan.

Yesterday the company introduced another new postpaid plan that offers “almost” unlimited everything. The U Mobile Postpaid Hero P78.

The Hero P78 offers not only unlimited calls, they also offers unlimited high-speed data but there are some clause. The unlimited high-speed data is only up to 5Mbps and the Unlimited Video-Onz is only up to SD (Standard Definition aka 480p) video streaming.

The plan are very similar to what Webe is offering but they are very much generous on giving FREE 10GB of hotspot internet sharing and also 5GB of FREE roaming to 12 countries that includes; Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

So if you are not very into “Real” high speed internet streaming and only require unlimited data, this probably the best postpaid plan for you.

The U Mobile Unlimited Hero P78 is available to subscribe now at any U Mobile outlets or if you are existing subscribers, you just need to call 018 388 1318 to make the switch.

For more info: www.u.com.my/unlimited

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