U Mobile Offers Giler Unlimited Plans, as low as RM 30 but there’s a catch

U Mobile introduced new unlimited data plans for their Prepaid and Postpaid plans. It called Giler Unlimited Prepaid GX30 (RM 30) and Giler Unlimited Postpaid GX50 (RM 50)

The Prepaid GX 30 offered unlimited data, unlimited calls, and apps for only RM 1/day, which translated to RM 30/month.

Whereby the Postpaid GX50 offered the same but with a monthly subscription of RM 50/month.

So what’s the catch and the GX30 sound better than the GX50. The Prepaid GX30 is limited with only 3Mbps download and has a quota for hotspot up to 3GB only whereas the Postpaid GX50 capped speeds at 5Mbps and 5GB hotspot quota.

More info about the new U Mobile Giler Unlimited plans: u.com.my

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