U Mobile Introduced New Giler Unlimited GX38 Prepaid and GX68 Postpaid Plans

U Mobile offered U Mobile Unlimited Giler GX30 Prepaid and Unlimited GX58 Postpaid in 2018 that set a new bar for unlimited data & call for the prepaid and postpaid plan.

Today U Mobile announced two new plans; U Mobile Unlimited Giler GX38 Prepaid and Unlimited Giler GX68 Postpaid.

The Unlimited Giler GX38 has doubled up the data speeds from 3Mbps to 6Mbps compared to GX30 while retaining the unlimited data, unlimited calls and 3GB hotspot

As for the Unlimited Giler GX68 Postpaid, the data speeds is now unlimited meaning you will enjoy unlimited 4G high-speed data. The plan also offers unlimited calls to all networks and 5GB hotspot.

For limited-time, U Mobile offers RM 35/month on the GX38 and RM 58/month for the GX68 without a contract for promo sign-ups.

So how about the current GX58 Postpaid? You may opt for an upgrade to GX68 Postpaid and enjoy the new offer.

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