Turn Your Old Smartphone Into CCTV / Baby Monitor

I believe some of you may have some unused / spare smartphone lying around in your house. Why not convert it into a smart CCTV / baby monitor?

There’s an app name “Web of Cam” that turn your old smartphone into a surveillance camera or baby monitor. You just need to configure your smartphone into camera or viewer unit by installing this app.

All the devices are required to connect into same Wireless network. For camera unit I do advice to install a fish eye lens for wider viewing range.


  • – Stable video and audio streaming at high quality
  • – Web interface: http://app.webcam.com
  • – 2-way audio
  • – Switch front/rear camera
  • – Turn on/off LED
  • – Zooming control, exposure control
  • – Automatic camera discovery and pairing.
  • – Password protection for cameras
  • – Adjustable video resolution and white balance
  • – Can turn off the camera LCD to save power and life-span
  • – Simultaneous connection from multiple viewers

This app supports Android devices and as well iOS and Symbian devices.

The app is available for free: webofcam

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