Trick or Glitch? Pokemon GO – Speed Up Capturing by 300%

Pokemon GO players out there may find this very useful especially on community day and bonuses in capturing. Normally the captures of a Pokemon would take about 12 to 13 seconds (provided it’s a successful catch) as there are a lot of animations involved in the game.

I’ve accidentally found a trick or glitch perhaps, where Niantic may fix this issue with an update. So the trick can actually cut the animations and the captured time should be under 3 or 4 seconds only. Imagine on Community Day that only limits 3 hours of spawn capture, if you can catch 300 Pokemon within the time frame, by this method the catch rate could increase to double or even triple.

Here’s the trick;

This only increase the capturing speeds, it doesn’t increase the catch rate. If the Pokemon breaks from you Pokeball, by right the Pokemon should be seen on the screen unless it flee away.

Hope this trick help and go “catch em all”

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