Transcend Introduces a Comprehensive USB Type-C Product Line-up for Mobile Devices and Computers

Transcend introduce not one or two but five new storage and multimedia products that uses the latest USB Type-C. Its includes USB flash drive, external hard drives and card readers.

JetFlash 850S and JetFlash 890S USB Flash Drive
Equipped with the latest USB 3.1 Type-C connector with USB OTG (On-The-Go) technology, Transcend’s JetFlash 850S flash drive delivers transfer speeds of up to 130MB/s. The JetDrive 850S also features an ergonomic curved grip and a lightweight design. In addition, Transcend’s JetFlash 890S is an OTG flash drive featuring dual connectors – a reversible USB Type-C connector and a standard USB 3.1 (Gen 1) Type-A connector – that is designed to transfer and back up files between the latest USB Type-C port equipped devices. Both USB flash drives use innovative COB (Chip on Board) technology and are assembled with a metallic casing, providing great dust and splash resistance.

StoreJet 25M Hard Drive
The StoreJet 25MC hard drive comes with a reversible USB Type-C cable for next generation Type-C devices. The three-stage shock protection system meets U.S. military drop-test standards and offers superior protection for data stored on the StoreJet 25MC. By using the SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface, the StoreJet 25MC allows users to enjoy ultra-fast file transfer rates.

RDC8K and RDC2K Card Readers
For new computer platforms with a USB Type-C port, Transcend’s 4-slot RDC8K card reader can support a wide variety of flash cards, including SD cards, microSD cards, CF cards, and Memory Stick (MS) flash cards. Equipped with a USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface, the RDC8K is an ideal choice for fast and efficient data transfer from a flash card to a laptop with USB Type-C ports. On the other hand, Transcend’s RDC2K smart reader is an OTG card reader specifically designed for USB Type-C equipped Android smartphones and tablets. In addition to an SD card slot and a microSD card slot, the RDC2K has also a standard USB Type-A port that allows users to connect accessories such as USB flash drives, keyboards, or mice to their Android devices.

The Transcend’s JetFlash 850S and JetFlash 890S USB flash drives are offered in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities is backed by Transcend’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. The JetFlash 850S is priced at RM 75, RM 105 and RM 165 respectively. Whereby the JetFlash 890S is RM 4 extra; RM 79, RM 109 and RM 169 respectively

The StoreJet 25MC is priced at RM 339 with capacity of 1TB. The Transcend RDC2K and RDC8K is price at RM 99 and RM 109 respectively. Both of the products comes with 3 years limited warranty by Transcend.

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