Top Reasons Why Primary Schoolers Should Get The ASUS BR1100

With the ongoing pandemic around here in Malaysia, unavoidably, work and classes have to shift to online. Having the right learning tools for your schooling children is essential and a laptop is one of them.


Here are 10 reasons why primary schoolers should get the ASUS BR1100 laptop. It’s a perfect academic laptop without a hefty price tag.

1. ASUS BR1100 – Versatile as both Laptop and Tablet

ASUS BR1100 Versatility

The ASUS BR1100 comes in two variants; BR1100C (Clamshell) and BR1100F (Flip) with a multi-touch display. With the 360-degree hinge on the BR1100F, it can be turned into tablet mode for a more versatile use of the laptop regardless of any demands of classwork. It is like having both laptop and tablet in one.

2. ASUS BR1100 – Handy Built-in Stylus

Not many laptops out there come with a touch-screen screen nor stylus input, especially budget laptops. 

ASUS BR1100 Built-in Stylus

The model BR1100F comes with an active stylus that is precise and offers 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. The experience can be as natural as writing or drawing on paper. This comes in handy for classes that require quick note jotting or for art class without the necessity to get a separate tablet.

Adding to that, the laptop itself has a built-in stylus holder not only for safe-keeping but also to charge the active stylus. A quick 15 seconds of charging, it’s enough for 45 minutes of use.

3. ASUS BR1100 – All-round Rubber Protection

ASUS BR1100 All-round Rubber Bumper

Laptops can be a delicate device to be handled by kids, by having all-round rubber protection on the ASUS BR1100 it can withstand everyday bumps, knocks and even drops without damaging the laptop. This ensures all important components are always protected. Additionally, the rubber not only adds sturdiness to the laptop but also adds grip when you carry it around, reducing the risk of slips and blunders.

4. ASUS BR1100 – US MIL-STD 810H Military-Grade Durability


The ASUS BR1100 is one rugged and tough laptop that surpasses the US MIL-STD 810H level of durability standards. It is even able to withstand a drop of up to 120cm, which is more than a standard desk height.

This adds peace of mind when passed down to the younger learners for use without worrying about repairs and most definitely could save you money in the long run.

5. ASUS BR1100 – Spill-resistant Keyboard

ASUS BR1100 Spill-resistant Keyboard

The keyboard on the BR1100 is solidly built with a 10,000,000 keystroke rated lifespan and is also spill-resistant. It can shrug off up to 330cc of clear fluid without damaging the keyboard as well as the internal.

6. ASUS BR1100 – ASUS BacGuard Antibacterial Coating

ASUS BR1100 ASUS BacGuard

The ASUS BR1100 features a potent ASUS BacGuard antibacterial coating where it can have a 99% antibacterial effect and has been certified to an ISO 22196 standard. This helps to keep surfaces clean and sanitary as well as potentially reducing the spread of harmful bacteria through contact.

The treated surface is also made to withstand alcohol-based cleaning products. This is to ensure that you will not damage the protective layer even when you try to clean the laptop yourself.

7. ASUS BR1100 – Webcam Privacy Shield

ASUS BR1100 Webcam Privacy Shield

You couldn’t be sure whether anyone can have access to the laptop and see what your children are doing. To ensure privacy, the ASUS BR1100 comes with a physical sliding privacy shutter on the webcam. When not in use, you can slide it shut and slide it open whenever needed.

8. ASUS BR1100 – AI Noise-Canceling Technology

As more and more classes are held online, it’s important for the voices of the lecturer and the student to be clear. ASUS BR1100 features a sophisticated suite of AI Noise-Cancelling technology and one of them is the ClearVoice AI Noise-Canceling Microphone that reduces background noise and only picks up human voices. While the AI Noise-Canceling stereo speakers filter out ambient noises and focus on human speech. As such, resulting in a better learning experience for online classes.

9. ASUS BR1100 – Noise-Reducing Camera

Besides audio, video is equally important when it comes to e-learning. The front HD camera on the ASUS BR1100 is integrated with 3D Noise-Reduction (3DNR) technology. This helps to reduce up to 94% of the noise that naturally affects any camera and enhances video quality in low-light conditions without sacrificing detail.

10. ASUS BR1100 – Modular Design Makes Maintenance Easy

The key components such as keyboard, battery, thermal module and even I/O ports module are easily swapped out in minutes by using simple tools. 

The modular design on the ASUS BR1100 greatly minimizes downtime if repair is required. ASUS also uses captive screws for the bottom cover so you wouldn’t need to worry about losing these tiny parts during repairs.

The ASUS BR1100C (Clamshell) and BR1100F (Flip) retail at just RM 1,449 and RM 1,699 respectively. ASUS Malaysia has opened up their trial/demo of the ASUS BR1100C/F where you can sign up right HERE!

This article brought to you by ASUS Malaysia
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