TM Unifi Offering 30Mbps Upgrade For RM199/month Soon?

TechAttack received an EDM email from TM that they are offering 30Mbps home fiber internet plan upgrade for only RM 199/month. According to TechAttack the EDM’s link was broken and brought back to TM’s main page.

Suspect that TM has accidentally blasted out the “soon to be available” to some of the TM’s clients.

TM is currently offering 5Mbps, 10Mbps and 20Mbps at RM149, RM199 & RM249 (excluding GST) respectively.

From the photo, there are nothing much mentioned on the eligibility of this upgrade, what’s the upload speed and area of coverage that can have 30Mbps plan. TM has not updated its Unifi Home page with such offer yet.

Source: TechAttack

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