TM is Now Offering unifi Air To Everyone – RM 79/month

unifi Air was introduced last month to existing Streamyx users that couldn’t get unifi Fiber/up to 8Mbps speeds due to location/copper line condition.

Today TM has opened the plan to everyone who is interested to subscribe to this plan. unifi Air is running on 4G unifi mobile and the internet speeds are subject to area and coverage. The best it can go is up to 20Mbps only.

The advantage of unifi Air are plug and play without the need of an appointment with the technician for installation thus no hacking or wiring required.

It comes with two plans;

You may opt with a FREE wireless router that tied with a 24-months contract or just get a SIM card and use your own device for the connection. The monthly fee is RM 79/month.

If you are interested, you may head over HERE to check coverage

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