[TIPS & TRICKS] Lost Phone? You Can Locate Your Android Smartphone/Tablet Without Apps

Do you know that you can actually locate your Android smartphone or tablet without the need of apps or software? You may also able to trigger ring, lock device and even erase your Android device remotely.

This come very handy and could be your chance to get your lost device back.

Thanks to Google’s official easy to use tool, Android Device Manger. It able to track your Android devices without the need of apps installation on the device.

Most of the Android devices are required to signed-in with Google’s account in order to backup contacts, sync files, apps store downloads and much more.

This is how it works;

1. Your device is connect with your Google account
2. Your device has access to the internet
3. Go to any browser and type “www.google.com” (if you are on mobile browser, please check the request desktop view)
4. On the search bar type “where is my phone?

5. It should direct you to a Google Maps box like below. You can press the button to locate the Android device.
6. Before it bring you further, it will request for your Google’s account login. Login with the Google’s account that you signed in on your device.

7. Now you will able to see your device’s latest location. If you have multiply devices that connected with the same Google’s account, you can pick the correct device on the right corner drop-down.

This only allows you to locate and trigger ring on your Android device.

If you want to have more advanced options like “Lock Device” or “Erase Data and Apps“, go to www.google.com/android/devicemanager and it will bring you to full page of Android Device Manger remote page.

Here you can trigger ring, lock device and also wipe your Android smartphone’s information, data and apps.

The lock device allows you to set a new password, put a message on the lockscreen with phone number and the person who picked up the phone would able to contact you.

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