[TIPS & TRICKS] 9 Useful Tips & Tricks You Can Find on The OPPO R9s

Own or planning to get the OPPO R9s? You may want to check out these 9 useful tips & tricks on the OPPO R9s.

All the tips and tricks may also work on others OPPO smartphone that runs on OPPO ColorOS 3.0 like the OPPO F-series.

This is a sponsored post by OPPO Malaysia

1. Apps Using WiFi and Mobile Data

You can have the full control of which apps to use which internet connections. This avoids unnecessary quota data wastages

To enable
Settings – Dual SIM and mobile network – Apps using Wi-Fi and mobile data

2. Display Battery Percentage and Operator Logo Options

By default, the OPPO R9s’s battery is only showing a battery bar where the Operator Logo is only showing the name of the Telco. You can enable the battery percentage next to the battery bar and as well change the boring Telco name to the Telco’s logo.

To enable
Settings – Notification and status bar – (Tick) Battery percentage & Tap on Carrier info to change to logo

3. Show Data Daily & Monthly Usage

You can now monitor your OPPO R9s data usage where it was shown at the bottom of the notification bar

To enable
Settings – Notification and status bar – (Tick) Show data usage at the bottom of the notification bar

4. Quiet Time

This is very useful when you want to have quality time after work where all the calls and notification will be muted by setting automation rules.

To enable
Settings – Quiet Time – You can add your own rule

5. Beautiful Lockscreen Magazine

The first thing you ever see on your smartphone is the lock screen wallpaper. What if you can have different and beautiful lock screen wallpaper every day?

OPPO R9s has this lock screen magazine that it will automatically change the lock screen wallpaper everytime you lock/unlock your phone. You can have the control on your preferable type of lock screen wallpapers;

• Travel
• Automobiles
• Sports
• Art
• Life
• World

To enable
Settings – Lockscreen Magazine & Wallpaper – (Tick) Lockscreen magazine

Remember to set the auto updates to “Use WiFi only” to save your internet data

6. Dirac HD (OPPO’s Sound Optimization System)

Dirac HD is a sound optimization that enhances the acoustic properties of the earphones to deliver the best possible mobile music experience.

To enable
Settings – Sound and vibration – Dirac (Required to have earphone plugged into the device to enable the settings)

7. Assign Individual Fingerprints for Different Action

You can assign the recognized fingerprint to do more than just unlock your phone. You can add an operation shortcut for each fingerprint. For example; Left thumb will launch camera once your use the fingerprint scanner.

To enable
Settings – Fingerprint and password – Saved Fingerprint – Add a shortcut

8. App Encryption

Now no one can Facebook-jack / Instagram-jack / Twitter-jack if you enabled the App encryption. When you launch the app that you have encrypted, it would require your authority such as fingerprint/passcode because you can access it.

To enable
Settings – Fingerprint and password – (Tick) App encryption

To select the apps; Go to Security Center – Privacy permissions – App encryption – Select the app you would want to encrypt.

9. Screen-off Gestures, Screenshot & Single Handed Operation

Instead of pressing the power button to wake your OPPO R9s, you can set screen-off gestures like double tap the screen to wake, draw an “O” to launch camera and you can also customize the screen-off gesture

To enable
Settings – Gesture & motion – Screen-off gesture – (Tick) Screen-off gesture

Wonder how you can perform a screenshot on your OPPO R9s?

The convention way is by pressing Power Button + Volume Down. But you can actually swipe with three fingers up or down to quickly take a screenshot

To enable
Settings – Gesture & motion – Quick gestures – (Tick) Gesture screenshot

If you find the OPPO R9s’s display is too huge, you can shruck the display stick to bottom left or bottom right for easy single-handed operation

To enable
Settings – Gesture & motion – Quick gestures – (Tick) Single-handed operation

You can read my comprehensive review of the OPPO R9s: [REVIEW] OPPO R9s, Now It’s Serious Camera Phone! and the OPPO R9s is officially available nationwide in Malaysia at the price of RM 1,798.

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