This Is How To Change MiBox Language To English Without Root or Jailbreak

As mentioned on my previous post about how to change your MiBox default Chinese language to English without root or jailbreak that might damage your mibox.

Here’s a quick tutorial. It will only take you less than 5 minutes.

First thing first, MiBox is actually an Android box that only sold in China thus it only has Chinese language. Aside of that, the MiBox limited to certain user-access settings thus you could’t really tell it’s an Android based OS.

The trick to changing the default language to English is very easy by installing a launcher app that can allows you to access to more settings of the MiBox.

You may use any launcher for Android and for this tutorial I’ll be using XHLauncher. You can download it HERE and copy it into any flash drive. You will be using it next.

This is the default home screen that display only Chinese characters.

First, navigate to the settings icon

It will bring you to this page. Tab on the security and permission logo as per below

This is bring you to setting to allows you to install third party apps.

Tap on the second selection to enable “Install Unknown Apps”

Change it to allow

Next, go back to Homescreen. Plug in the flash drive that you have saved the XHLauncher.apk file into the MiBox’s USB.

Press up on the remote control and it will bring you to the menu as below

Press on the USB logo and you will see the USB storage. Allocate the XHLaunch file that you saved and install it.

Once done, go to homescreen you will see this this icon and run it.

It will bring you to a new home screen like below. Navigate to settings

Look for language selection that has an “A” icon

Go in and you will see language selection.

Now change it to English.

The settings menu now become English

Same goes with the home screen

Now you can have English language menu and settings for your MiBox without the hassle of rooting or jailbreak that may damage your MiBox.

This method should apply the same for MiTV

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