The Most Hype & Strongest Flagship – realme X2 Pro with Strong Acknowledgement by The Global Medias

Don’t just only take our words, the realme X2 Pro has received positive reviews from reputable media globally. Here are some quotes of the review;

Android Authority

realme X2 Pro review: The best value smartphone of 2019

The realme X2 Pro is, by far, the best phone that the company has ever produced. With top specs, a great camera, and industry-leading fast charging, realme has left its mark on the affordable-flagship scene. realme’s efforts to improve the software experience haven’t gone unseen, but its lack of polish will turn some buyers off.

Thought: realme X2 Pro received a very positive feedback by the Android Authority. It’s an almost perfect with just a touch-up on the software experience


realme X2 Pro initial review: Super powerful, super affordable

Consider what’s on offer for its €399/£349 asking price – Qualcomm SD855 Plus, in-screen fingerprint, quad cameras including 64MP main unit, all-glass coating design, 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen – and the first true flagship from realme is quite astonishing. It’ll have some small issues to address – no optical stabilisation or night mode in cameras, plus the confidence with software, and perhaps a resistance to the obscure brand name – but otherwise we’re looking at an incoming new generation of the affordable flagship.

Thought: Recognised to have great hardware and software at an unbeatable price tag. It’s like to be 2019 flagship killer smartphone.


realme X2 Pro review

What we could gather from all of this is that the realme X2 Pro’s only aspect that needs improving is the camera. For around the same price of €400-500, depending on the memory configuration, you can get a better camera experience. However, when you add the rest of the features into the mix, you can hardly do any better than the realme. It checks all the right boxes in one fell swoop.

The X2 Pro is unrivalled in the affordable flagship category with top-notch performance, big 90Hz OLED screen, nice-sounding stereo speakers, premium build, stupid-fast 50W charging, long battery life, and the much-beloved 3.5mm audio jack. Perhaps the lack of microSD card support might put off some potential buyers, but the 128GB storage variant isn’t much pricier than the 64GB model. And you get speedier UFS 3.0 flash storage too.

At this price, it’s an offer that’s hard to pass on. The realme X2 Pro is a no-brainer and will give the other big companies in the European market a run for their money. Let’s hope realme has enough of those babies produced to meet the holiday season’s demand.

Thought: realme X2 Pro would be a hit for being one of the most affordable flagships in the market. Its well-specced smartphone putting it in the top list smartphone to buy in 2019.


realme X2 Pro review: the real flagship killer of 2019

realme wants to be taken seriously in Europe and makes it clear by landing in Madrid with the realme X2 Pro. This smartphone aims high and comes really well equipped in terms of technical specifications and integrated features. Also in terms of performance, it does a good job: the overall experience is fluid, like on other flagships on the market, but it costs less (definitely one to keep an eye on for Black Friday and Christmas).

The camera performs well but in this field realme, if it really wants to compete with the toughest rivals, will have to get busy especially with night shots. The realme X2 Pro is undoubtedly the true flagship killer of 2019. Just like OnePlus was a few years ago, now it is realme’s turn to offer a device that is carefully designed and performs at a very competitive price point.

Thought: realme X2 Pro is the new flagship killer just like OnePlus a few years ago.

Digital Trends

The $440 Realme X2 Pro has what it takes to be one of 2019’s best phones.

The Realme X2 Pro is a flagship killer armed with a bazooka, unlimited ammunition, and near-perfect aim. If you are on a tight budget but want flagship-grade power, this is the phone to buy. It’s a shame it’s not available in the U.S.

Thought: realme X2 Pro would do well if it’s made available officially in the U.S.

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