Tencent’s WeChat Wallet Lands in Malaysia!

Tencent’s WeChat has rolled out its WeChat Wallet service to some users in Malaysia. Malaysian users who are part of the pilot program will be be able to see “Wallet” button under “Me” tab. From there they will able to link their credit cards to the service and purchase items using the WeChat app including mobile prepaid top-up as well buying movie ticket & flight tickets.

Currently the WeChat Wallet is still in limited access to all features that the China mainland in using like transfer money to friends within the app, making purchase in convenience store like 7-Eleven by having the cashier to scan QR code on their smartphone and much more.

According to source, the functionality will be expanded later on and the peer-to-peer payments functions be soon to be adopted by retails’ merchants.

Here are some screenshot of the in-app WeChat Wallet:

It allows mobile prepaid top up across major Telco like Xpax, Hotlink, DiGi, U Mobile, Altel, TuneTalk, XOX, OneXOX & MerchanTrade.

As for movie ticket, it now linked to MBO Cinema only

Flight ticket you will see MAS, AirAsia, BatikAir, Citilink, FireFly, Malindo Air, Jetstar and more.

Hope to see more functionally to be implemented soon when it goes public.

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