Switch from iPhone to Android Phone Easily with Google Drive

Switching over from iOS (Apple iPhone) to Android may sound complicated due to different OS platform. Now with new feature on the Google Drive, it allows you to back up your content easily before you switch over to your new Android smartphone.

It able to backup your Contacts, Calendar Events, Photos and Videos. Since it’s a Google’s product, you are required to have a Google account.

The backup is very simple and straight-forward.

• Download the latest Google Drive to your Apple iPhone
• Launch Google Drive
• Select Menu > Settings > Backup
• Choose the content that you want to back up or select backup everything.

Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi as the backup files are quite huge and may take up several hours depending how big are the files.

Once done, you just need to sign in on your Android device with your Google account. Everything will be restore to your new Android device.

More information about Google Drive backup: https://www.android.com/switch/

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