Special Plates Made For Foods Instagrammers

Always frustrated unable to take nice foods instagram food photos? Poor angles and lighting?

There is this restaurant in Israel comes with a new concept just for Food Instagrammers. The Tel Aviv restaurant Catit and Carmel Winery has teamed up for a new project called Foodography. It’s a new meal experience that features newly designed plates that help shoot quality food photos on Instagram.

One of the plates called “The Limbo” feature a smartphone slot on one end and large curve on the other that functions as a backdrop.

You can have additional lighting on the side to have better lights assist.

The second is called “The 360” where the plate allowing you to rotate the dish and the others end hold your smartphone. It also allows you to record 360 degree views in short view clips.

Check out their video from Foodography explaining how the special plates works:

You can find photos taken with these plates by searching Instagram with hashtag #fdgr

Source: PetaPixel

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