Smart Sneakers Anyone? ShiftWear, Customisable HD Colors Displays Kicks

Android Wear & Apple Smartwatch allows you to change watch face faster than you change clothes. There is this sneakers that feature high-tech HD displays that allows you to customize designs and also animations.

That’s sound crazy but it’s happening now! ShiftWear is a company that put app-controlled screens on shoes from your phone (Android or iOS), changing to your desire images and even animations. The company is pledging money now through Indiegogo and you may get one as an early adopter by forking up US$ 150 to get them. The kicks are expected to ship out in September 2016.

The ShiftWear sneakers are waterproof and machine-wash friendly. It also coated with Kevlar Fibers also know as Carbon Fiber that resist normal wear and tear of traditional sneakers.

What about battery? Charging? The flexible electronics in the shoes charge with every steps you take.

The shoes available in high, medium and low tops. The HD color display will be always on and can have up to 30 days of battery life thanks to the low power consumption, e-ink display technology.

Check out ShiftWear in action:

More information about the ShiftWear smart sneakers: Indiegogo

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