Shazam Update Adds Android Wear Support. Sing Along With Your SmartWatch

Shazam is still one of the most popular music recognition apps in the market and it is getting better with adding support on your wearable device, Android Wear.

The added support to Android Wear allows you to see what’s playing with two taps an your Smartwatch’s screen. It also allows users to see what’s playing on My Shazam as new songs are added in the track playlist. The fun doesn’t stop here, it also bring up lyrics support, where you can watch lyrics from songs they are listening to as the words apper in real-time. Great for you to sing along if you are not familiar with the new song.

In order for you to get Android Wear support, first you need to update the latest version of Shazam app in your smartphone through Google Play.

Source: Shazam, Via: Android Authority

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