Samsung SmartThings Station – Affordable Smart Home Hub

Samsung SmartThing Station

Samsung unveiled Samsung SmartThings Station at CES 2023, which is not only easy to use but it’s also gonna be an affordable smart home hub. It even features a 15W fast charging pad to charge your devices.

With the SmartThings Station, users can automate different aspects of their home environment, setting routines that add convenience and reduce energy waste such as controlling the switches remotely or scheduling. It can connect to multiple smart home devices, including thermostats, lighting, and power outlets, and seamlessly interconnect with other devices connected to the smart home server. This allows you to automate pre-set routines created through the SmartThings mobile app.

Consumers can trigger up to three different routines just by pressing the Smart Button, with a short press, long press, or double press to activate the routine that you created.

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